Faymonville - Megamax Mega Z-2 H

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    Megamax Mega Z-2 H
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    1 piece Faymonville - 2 axle low bed MEGAMAX
    Mega-Z-2H-V-KBX-A-18AT-6.35 (2.45) -17.5-2.55-PA
    gooseneck, low bed, 2-axle chassis

     Technical specifications:

    Speed: 80 km / h
    Total weight: 47.000 kg
    vertical load: 23,000 kg
    Axle load, chassis
    Rear: 24,000 kg

    Length of swans: approx. 3.750 mm
    Diameter of the kingpin kingpin to the rear approx .: 2,500 mm
    Height of bead: approx. 1.245 mm
    Length of the low bed approx .: 6.350 mm
    Technically extendable by approx. 4.200 mm
    Low bed load at max. Loading capacity: 375 mm
    Ground clearance in non-extended condition approx .: 150 mm
    Driving length approx .: 2,600 mm
    Rear loading at max. Load approx. 1.005 mm
    Spring travel (with hydraulic compensation) approx .: -150 / + 450 mm
    Vehicle base width approx .: 2.480 / 2.550 mm
    Center distance: 1,360 mm

    Exemption permit required: Yes
    If the country-specific legislation is exceeded:
    Loading height: 1245 mm

    Technical description:
    gooseneck: gooseneck in SNT design to optimize loading area length;
                                               Length approx. 3.750 mm, with
    chamfer front approx. 45 °
                                               Hydraulically raised / lowered as
    well as retractable
                                               Techn. vertical load: 23,000 kg
                                               For tractors: 6x2, 6x2 and 8x4

    Boiler bridge: Deep bed designed as pull-out boiler bridge "superlow" design,
    with mechanical locking
                                              Length approx .: 6.350 mm, the supply
    lines are protected in the extensible beams and
                                              Automatically adapt to the respective
    low bed length

    Chassis (rear): chassis with closed outer frame and continuous prism baggermul
    approx. 1,250 / 700x505 mm, rear open.
                                             Chassis covered with ripple plate.

    Axles and suspension systems: SAF axles, "PENDEL-AXLE", techn. Axle load:
    12,000 kg, hydro-mechanical forced, hydraulic axle compensation
                                              Hose break valve on the axle
    compensation cylinder with automatic. RESET function
                                              Hydraulic cylinder with shut-off
    valves and pre-plug for securing in raised position.
                                              Final painting Axes with 2 layers and
    2-K varnish (acrylic) single-colored in MB-7350 (gray) painted.
                                              Axle tool.

    Braking system: EBS-E Braking system of the brand WABCO according to the EU
    regulations, WITHOUT connecting cable to the tractor unit.

    Tires: MICHELIN X MULTI T 245/70 R 17.5
                                              Load index 143 / 141J (146 / 144F)

    Lighting system: 24-volt lighting system in "ASPÖCK-NORDIK" (ASS 3) Version
    according to EU regulations.
                                              Side lighting in LED

    Metallization: Standard HRM metallization (High Resistance Metallization) of
    the outer frame
                                              Complete steel construction shot
    blasted, then the defined visible surfaces in metallization with
                                              ZINACOR 850 (zinc 85% - aluminum 15%)

    Paint finish: 6K finish:
                                              Complete steel structure after
    welding shot blasted.
                                              A layer of base color on a zinc
    basis, a layer of adhesion primer.
                                              Final lacquering with 2 layers of
    2-component varnish (acrylic) single-colored in RAL colors,
                                              Then sealing the cavities with
    special wax.
                                              Wheels in silver.
                                              Multicolour and special varnishing at
    extra cost.

    Steel construction: Steel construction made of high-strength fine grain steels

    Accessories included:

    - End wall made of steel, pluggable, approx. 400 mm high
    - 1 spare wheel with holder on the end wall of the swan neck
    - 2 strollers with bracket
    - on the gooseneck, foldable aluminum side walls, about 400 mm high, in
    anodised version
    - on the gooseneck, a pluggable aluminum rear wall, approx. 400 mm high, in
    anodised version
    3.5 "King pins
    - 1 lashing on the left and right of the tail of the tail (LC 6000 daN)
    - above the gooseneck and above the Königspfen riffelblechbelbelag
    - In the area of ​​operation at the gooseneck a lighting with on and off switch
    - on the gooseneck a separate air connection with air pistol
    - gooseneck with 2 pluggable bars to the loading area in the area of ​​the
    folding steps to climb the swan neck
    - Connection strip for utility lines to the tractor, attached to the outside
    frame profile
    Hydraulic support beam for supporting the swan neck on the tractor
    - Hydraulic connections from the gooseneck to the low bed with multi coupling
    instead of screw couplings
    - one locking point, approximately every 500 mm at the extension

    - 1 pair of steel ramps with climbing rails for bridging the reception hooks of
    the deep bed with fastening bolts
    - Lashing rings with retaining spring all approx. 1,200-1,300 outwards to the
    interior of the loading area
    - Lashing rings with holding spring all about 1,200-1,300 mm outside to the
    load carrier (LC 10,000 daN)

    On the upper belt of the outrigger recesses over the lashings

    - Mechanical bolt-lug coupling from the low bed to the chassis, for changing
    the loading area or installation of extension posts with electro-pneumatic
    hydraulic couplings

    - the outer carriers of the deep bed, provided with a lacquered sand layer as
    anti-slip device.
    - Hanging bar for loose landing lights at the front of the rear landing gear to
    the low bed

    - 3 pairs of lashing rings hanging in the outer frame of the rear landing gear
    (LC 10,000 daN).
    - 1 pair of lashing rings lying in the front of the baggermul of the rear
    landing gear (LC 16.000 daN)
    - 1 pair of lashing rings on the back of the luggage rack of the rear landing
    gear (LC 10,000 daN)

    - Rear chassis with beveled corners at the rear
    - Hanging bar for loose ALU landing lights at the rear of the vehicle
     A dirt trap across the entire width of the shed
    - Electro-hydraulic unit for operating the hydraulics except the hydraulic
    winch, without installation in the tractor
    - A round light with bracket at the end crosspiece.
    - Round NATO socket "Herth & Buss" on the connection strip at the front

    - Directional control from and to the rear by cable remote control via push
    buttons, with control of the axes,
    (Without installation in the tractor)

    - Two 7-pin sockets on the front panel
     ** 1 x NATO-BLACK 24N Connector according to ISO 1185
    ** lx NATO-WHITE 24S Connection according to ISO 3731
    If your pin assignment deviates from the ISO connection standard, please let us

    - Holder for warning signs left and right including 7-pole socket, under the
    gooseneck as well as in front of the first axle and at the rear of the chassis
    - 7-pole socket on the circuit breaker

    - Manual and description, including loading diagram

    - Central lubrication system with 2 pumps, brand BEKAMAX, with normal grease
    according to NLGI-2.
    - Removable protection around the pump (s) of the central lubrication

    - All supply lines (electric cables, ABS / EBS cables, brake lines, hydraulic
    lines, etc.) between the tractor unit and the semitrailer loader are part of
    the scope of delivery of the tractor and are not included in the scope of

    - 2 pairs of recessed lashing rings on the goooseneck (LC 5.000 daN)
    - gooseneck in the rear upper area with a removable cover closed
    - gooseneck in the rear area to the loading area, closed with a removable cover
    - Removable loading floor with approx. 30 mm thick wooden cover, can be
    inserted between the outer beams
    - foldable widenings, about 230 mm per side, WITHOUT wooden planks
    - Widening planks, loosely wrapped in steel
    - 4 pairs of outside stirrups on the outsides of the loading area for stakes
    approx. 100 x 40/50 mm
    - 2 axle load manometer, mounted on the left

    Warning package:
    - 4 warp boards approx. 423 x 423 mm
    - incl. 2 LED position lights and brackets for round lights.
    - Reflector belt yellow outside side acc. EU guidelines
    - Reflector belt red rear acc. EU guidelines
    - EU reflector at the rear of the vehicle

    - Radio remote control for the tracking in addition to cable remote control,
    with LED control lights at the receiver as a one-track control