Goldhofer - STZ-L6-68-80

  • number
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Registration Date
  • Unloaded Weight
    18800 kg
  • Laden Weight
    86000 kg
  • Tires
    245/75 R 17,5
  • Sonstiges
    with air suspension, hydromechanical forced steering, easy telescopic loading
    platform type platform, with 2-part ramps

    STZ-L gooseneck
    - Corners bevel forward 45 ° (468 x 468mm); closed outer frame
    - Robust steel and welded construction
    - Trained cargo area 3,700 x 2,480 mm
    - Hydro-mechanical forced steering (2-circuit steering) in flat design (height
    235mm) with adjustable guide elements
    - ball bearing 5th wheel with interchangeable 3.5 "kingpin and adjustable
    steering wedge

    - Air-sprung 6-axle chassis, wheelbase 1,310 mm
    - First axle liftable
    - Axle aggregate made by BPW, consisting of a non-steered axle and five
    hydromechanically forced steering beam axle
    axles with a maximum steering angle of 45 °
    - Axles with adjustable tapered roller bearings and automatic slack adjusters
    - Lifting and lowering valve as standard for lowering to min. 825mm or lifting
    to max. 1,025mm (no driving positions)
    - Chassis with open outer frame
    - Extendable extensions incl. Planks, widening telescopic up to 3.200mm

    vehicle rear
    - "beveled 500mm x 85mm" design (500mm long 10 ° chamfer)
    - short 1,000 mm overhang from the middle of the last axle
    - Hydraulic support for supporting the rear of the vehicle during the loading
    - arm stick body back L = B = 840 mm T =

    1-part ramps
    - 2850 x 720 mm
    - standing hydraulic lift with hand pump,
    - hydraulic adjustment left and right

    braking system
    - Dual-line all-wheel air brake system with diaphragm brake cylinders
    - automatic load-dependent brake (ALB)
    - automatic slack adjuster (AGS)
    - Parking brake by means of spring-loaded cylinders
    - ABV brake

    Technical data

    Loading area (LxB) 3,700 x 2,480 mm
    Bevel: 468 x 468 mm
    Height above fifth wheel 235mm
    Saddle height loaded 1.365mm
    swing clearance rear 2.700mm
    swing clearance forward 1.435mm
    Kingpin 3,5 "

    load area
    Loading area (LxB) 12,000 x 2,750 mm
    including bevel at the back 500mm
    Loading height loaded approx. 925mm (+/- 100mm)
    or 885mm (+ 140 / -60mm)

    landing gear
    Wheelbase 5 x 1,310 mm
    Overhang 1,000 mm

    1st axle non-steered
    2nd - 6th axle hydro-mechanically forced steering 2 circuit