Faymonville - SPZ-Z-3L AAX

  • number
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
    SPZ-Z-3L AAX
  • Registration Date
  • Wheelbase
    1810+1810 mm
  • Unloaded Weight
    11500 kg
  • Laden Weight
    48000 kg
  • Tires
    235/75 R 17,5
  • Sonstiges
    Plateau saddle trailer, all 3 axles hydro-mechanically steered

    Faymonville SPZ-Z-3L AAX

    Technical data and description:
    Speed: 80 km/h
    Total weight: 48.000 kg
    Fifth wheel load: 18.000 kg
    Axle load: 3 x 10.000 kg = 30.000 kg

    Length of gooseneck: approx. 4.100 mm
    Diameter of the kingpin backwards: 2.100 mm
    Loading height: 950 mm
    Loading area: 13.600 mm
    Technically extendable 8.000 mm + 8.200 mm to 28.200 mm
    Lockable approx. each 1.000 mm
    Loading height at max. loading approx.: 1,100 mm
    Spring travel (with air suspension) approx .: - 80 / + 120 mm
    Distance between axles: 1.810 mm
    Vehicle base width: 2.480 mm
    Kingpin: 2 "

    Loading: area:
    Loading area in double-extension-version with pneumatically actuated locking.
    With approximately 30 mm thick wooden planks in ALU-Omega profiles.
    The supply lines are protected in the telescopic carriers and automatically
    adapted to the respective loading surface length.
    (Except for the supply of 2 locks).

    Axles and suspension:
    SAF axles, techn. 12.000 kg, all axles hydro-mechanically forced steered,
    mounted on rotary platform. Air suspension with lifting and lowering valve.

    Axle equipment:
    brake system:
    EBS Braking system of the brand WABCO according to the EU regulations, WITHOUT
    connecting cable to the tractor unit.

    235/75 R 17.5 twin tires.

    Lighting system:
    24 volt lighting system in "ASPÖCK-NORDIK" version according to EU regulations.
    (ASS 3)

    Central lubrication system:
    with 2 pumps brand BEKA MAX, with normal grease according to NLGI-2. Removable
    protection around the central lubrication pump.

    Accessories included:
    • Steel reinforcement, pluggable, approx. 1.600 mm high.
    - Board walls aluminum 800 mm high
    • 4 pairs of stake pockets on the gooseneck, approx. 100 x 50 mm for plugs.
    · 1 stake pockets bar, mounted transversely in the loading floor of the
    gooseneck, for plugs approx. 100 x 50 mm.
    • 2 mechanical landing gear feet with 2-speed gearbox.
    • Climbing shoes with brackets.
    • recessed lashing rings lying in the outer frame of the loading area, can be
    folded outwards.
    • Spare wheel holder with spare wheel under the loading area in the direction
    of travel on the right.
    · Lockable toolbox (HDPE) approx. 1,250 x 500 x 550 mm (L x W x H), under the
    loading area in the direction of travel right and right
    • Ascent ladder mounted in the direction of travel on the right.
    · Electro-hydraulic unit.
    · Electromagnetic linkage from front and rear, operated by cable remote control
    via push buttons, with track control of the axles, without installation in the
    · Under the gooseneck, as well as at the rear of the traverse, left and right a
    7-pole socket with bracket for Warning signs.