Max Trailer - MAX100-N-3A-8.60U

  • number
  • Manufacturer
    Max Trailer
  • Type
  • Registration Date
  • Unloaded Weight
    10664 kg
  • Laden Weight
    48000 kg
  • Tires
    235/75 R 17,5
  • Sonstiges
    Technical specifications

    Satteltieflader MAX100
    Speed ​​80 km / h
    Total weight 48,000 kg
    Imposed load 18,000 kg
    Axle load 30,000 kg
    Empty weight (+ - 3%) 10,664 kg
    Payload approx 37,336 kg
    Gooseneck length 3 850 mm
    Semitrailer height loaded 1 250 mm
    Platform length 9300 mm
    extendable by 4 500 mm
    Wheelbase 1 360 mm
    Clearance radius backward 2 300 mm
    Loading height at max. Loading 860 mm
    Overall width 2 540 mm
    Travel -45 / + 145 mm

    technical description
    Gooseneck with chamfered corners front 45 ° and rear bevel of about 760 mm x 10
    3 pairs of lashing rings (LC 5000 daN)
    Hardwood flooring 30mm thick
    Loading in extendible version
    with rear bevel of about 1 000 mm x 8 °
    6 pairs of lashing rings outwardly foldable (LC 5000 daN)
    3 pairs of lashing rings outwardly foldable (LC 10000 daN)
    1 pair of lashing rings lying forward in the loading area (LC 10000)
    Hardwood flooring approx 48 mm thick, about the axes Riffelblech

    Tires 235/75 R 17.5 at the manufacturers choice

    Brake system according to EU Vorschorften with EBS-E (4S3M)
    without connecting lines to the tractor

    prime durable corrosion protection of standard peened welded frame
    guaranteed by 2 components Zinc Dust Primer
    a high-quality 2-component (2K) topcoat single RAL colors of your choice
    metallized rear part and painted in RAL 90 I 0 (pure white).
    No Metallic Paint possible.

    JOST seatposts (mechanical) with 2-speed gearbox for 24t
    Lifting capacity (50t test load)

    Steel structure of high-strength Feinkomstählen.

    Steel grades:
    S355J2 + N / S355MC (yield strength 355MPa)
    S690QL / S700MC (yield strength 690MPa)

    Electrical installation according to EU regulations, lighting LED 24
    ASPÖCK-UNIBOX on the terminal strip forward with sockets 24N, 24S & 15 pol.
    Connection according to ISO.
    24N IS0-1185
    24S IS0-3731
    15 pole IS0-12098
    Accessories included
    A galvanized steel end wall 400 mm high.
    2 "kingpin
    2 piece chocks with holder on the bulkhead.
    A holder for rotating light at the rear of the trailer.
    SAF axles, two axles rigidly two axes trailing steered, air suspension, with
    drum brake, with lift / lower function.
    The self-steering axles with electro-magnetic reversing lock via reverse gear
    or activate manually.
    Shot in the rear area of ​​the gooseneck ALU-landing ramps.
    Galvanized folding supports under the slope of the loading area.
    Mechanical security of locking the loading area.
    A spare wheel with holder in front of the end wall.
    Yellow reflective tape in accordance with the EU regulations side, the extract
    and the rear of the trailer
    At the terminal strip galvanized front yellow-red air couplings.

    On gooseneck and rear panel left and right jeweil s a holder FTIR the warning
    signs including outlet.
    A Schmutzfeanger at the rear of the trailer.
    Manual and description

    On the gooseneck Pluggable aluminum side walls and rear wall about 2 440 x 400
    mm (LX H). The rear galvanized stanchions are removable.
    (Length of the body about 2 560 mm). (± 46kg)
    I toolbox galvanized, integrated into the sloping gooseneck. (± 47kg)
    4 pair WADER container bags in the cargo area for a 20 , 2 x 20 or
    a 40 container (± 40kg)
    7 pairs of stake pockets for stanchions I 00 x 50 mm in outer frame
    the loading area. (± 21 kg)
    Spacers galvanized, extendable to ca.230 mm per side. (± 262kg)
    Adjustable suspension rails for ALU-landing ramps at the rear of the vehicle.
    Four extendable to 400 mm warning signs about 423 x 423 mm
    with a LEO position light (± 25 kg)
    On the warning signs a bracket for rotating beacon.
    European reflector shields (red-yellow) at the rear of the trailer.
    Speed ​​label 60 KMLB behind.
    HRM metallization (High Resistance metallization) of the outer frame.
    Full steel construction peened after the defined sicbtbaren surfaces
    (- 15% aluminum zinc 85%) hot finished in metalization with ZINACOR 850th
    To dye
    Semi MB 7350 (Nova Grey)