Stürzer Heavy Trucks - competence in trucks, low loaders and construction machinery.

Since 1986 customers in Germany and abroad trust in our innovative fast growing company. Whether heavy duty trucks, tipper trucks and cranes, used low loaders or low loader trailers, we find an individual solution for almost every transport problem through the professional purchase and sale of all kind of heavy duty machinery and many other commercial vehicles.

This is made possible by our strong international team, who will gladly advise you in German, English and French, as well as Croatian in all technical matters. We are gladly at your disposal when questions about low loaders and heavy-duty tractors are coming up. Whether you are looking for a special manufacturer such as Goldhofer or you do not know which saddle trailer suits the respective tractor, we will gladly advice you. This professional consulting combined with excellent reparation and technical service, as well as the processing of the entire export, belongs to our standard program as a commercial vehicle seller.

Of course, the entire workshop area is designed for the general overhaul of heavy load equipment.

This high quality requirement is also reflected in the purchase of trucks, low loaders, low-loader trailers, low-bed semi-trailers and construction machines, which is then supplemented by a workshop with qualified employees for machinery overhauling.
Thus, every used low-loader, truck (with and without loader crane), unloader and ballast trailer, each heavy-duty tractor and each crane vehicle is thoroughly tested and repaired. In this way, we ensure that customers are satisfied with our vehicles and machines and will continue to build heavy trucks in the future. Get an overview of our latest semi-trailers, construction machinery, dump trucks, truck-mounted cranes and cranes, trucks, tractor units, special purpose vehicles and (low bed) as well as low loaders. For example, if you are interested in a Scheuerle low loader or a Faymonville low loader, click on "Details" for further information or ask us directly via e-mail and or telephone.

Take a look at our Mercedes and MAN commercial vehicles.

Buy used machines, you save a lot of costs at a comparable quality!