Goldhofer - STZ-VL4-42/80

  • number
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Registration Date
  • Wheelbase
    1310+1310+1310 mm
  • Unloaded Weight
    21400 kg
  • Laden Weight
    64000 kg
  • Tires
    235/75 R 17,5
  • Sonstiges
    STV Gooseneck 24 to
    -Corners 45 ° beveled; closed outer frame;
    -Hydraulic lifting and lowering as well as detachable, stepless adjustment
    outside the middle driving position
    -trained loading area with combined tear plate-/ anti slip covering
    -Hydromechanical Forced steering (2-circuit steering) in flat construction with
    adjustable guide elements
    -Ball-mounted (rotatable) saddle plate with exchangeable 3 1/2 "Kingpin and
    adjustable steering
    -Hydraulic Bolt Locking
    -2 cylinder for support on the tractor
    -Manometer with diagram for reading the saddle load
    -Manometer on the steering cylinders for monitoring the preload pressure

    Ascent chocks
    -LxB 664 x 600 mm

    Loading area
    -Telescopic, carried out with an inner tube
    -recording claws, suitable for--V Gooseneck
    -Locking of the pull-out stages by mechanical spring loaded taper
    -separating point between chassis and deep
    -Height 220 mm

    -Air suspension 4-axle chassis + 205 - 65 = 270
    -Axle unit made BPW, consisting of 4 Hydromechanical forcibly steered knuckle
    axes with a
    Maximum steering angle of 45 °
    -Axles with adjustable cone roller and automatic adjusters (AGS)
    -BPW axle
    Braking system
    -Four-line all-wheel-drive air brake system with diaphragm brake cylinders
    -Automatic load-dependent brake (ALB)
    -Automatic slack (AGS)
    -Parking brake by means of spring storage cylinders
    -Braking equipment

    -4-axle chassis with excavator recess (LxBxT) 5,730 x 674 x 240 mm
    -Aluminium lifts
    -retractable widening in the deep
    -to widen the loading area
    -To complete 650mm (2x325mm)
    -Central lubrication System BEKA-Max

    Technical data

    Dimension (LxB) 4,110 x 2,500 mm
    Loading area (LxB) 3,750 x 2.480 mm
    Saddle height loaded 1,300 mm
    By steering radius to the rear approx. 2,800
    3.5 "Kingpin

    Loading area
    Loading area (LxB) 6,100 x 2,550 mm
    Telescopic approx. 3,700 mm
    Separating point between chassis and low bed
    In steps on (l) approx. 9,800 mm
    Height laden approx. 285mm
    2. Travel position 375 mm
    Ground clearance Bel. Approx. 65 mm
    2. Travel position Bel. Approx. 155 mm

    Loading area (LxB) 5,730 x 2,550 mm
    Height laden approx. 970 mm (+ 205/-65mm)
    2. Travel position 1060 mm (+ 115/-155 mm)
    Wheelbase 3 x 1,310 mm
    Overhang (from the middle of the last axis to the final traverse) 800 mm
    Anti-lock braking

    1.-4. Axis Hydromechanisch forcibly directed (2-circuit steering)