Goldhofer - THP-UT Baggerbruecke 100 t starr

  • number
  • Manufacturer
  • Type
    THP-UT Baggerbruecke 100 t starr
  • Registration Date
  • Unloaded Weight
    7000 kg
  • Laden Weight
    100.000 kg
  • Sonstiges
    Goldhofer - 100to - excavators bridge not extendable - fix
    base length 7.000 mm
    convertible to widening elements for low bed bridge

    compatible to THP/UT

    - front hook on device for the connection to a THP-fast coupling adapter or
    directly to Universal-goose neck
    - rear combination coupling head for the connection to a THP-UT modular
    - side walls of the outer tube prepared to hook in the flap broadenings
    - integrated supply tubes for hydraulic, brake and electric with connection

    - extentions
    - flap broadening elements can be hooked in or removed
    - loading height same level as excavator bridge or lowered by 100mm
    - outside width folded within the shape of the excavator bridge tubes
    (1.300mm), outside width folded app. 2.990mm

    Technical Data
    - net weight: 7.000kg
    - net weight fast coupling adapter 1.400 kg
    - net weight (broadenings): 2.000kg
    - dimensions load platform (LxW): 7.000 x 1.300mm / 2990 mm to 3240 mm
    - overall height 400 m
    - coupling length 8300 mm